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Polar Bright: The Final Coloring


Here's my goofy first animation. It's a rough cut for class and still could use a ton of work obviously and I couldn't salvage my 2 middle digital scenes from my last crash so kept it simple in the interest of time.

Artwork: I drew everything except the garbage inside the box is from clip art and to be fair I copied the design of the railing deck from a stock piece of art I was too cheap to buy and didn't like the rest of the boat, ha. I am not sure why but my title went too quickly this time around and then stopped short before entering the frame so sorry --not too exciting, just my name-- but the flow is off--it originally glided in with clouds then clouds kept going...

There is supposed to be a nice fade to black and then back up to the bear "swimming up" to check out the box and paint can but I haven't yet figured that out so it's a bit abrupt...I needed the fade transition to give the little guy time to swim :)

Hopefully it makes some of you laugh anyway :). Apart from computer crashes for two of my projects--mostly with my other class but it ran into this one--I really enjoyed Animate after I got into it but I have to say it's not intuitive the way some other programs are for me. I imagine it would be a lot of fun once you are good at it but there is a definite learning curve on getting timing right.


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