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Animation Storyboard: Northern Brights

Here are my storyboards--I used a simple printed template for the storyboard boxes which sounds absurd to even need that but after so much computer work this week I wasn't up for making perfect lines, ha. Since the animated film is so short I will have basic quick fades between shots and but will do slower transitions in the beginning to show the bear's boredom and quiet, slow pace of life then quicken the cuts as he gets excited to try new things and color his world.

This is goofy and kid-like because I felt after writing a lot of serious work and being a bit more introspective I would create something lighter with a nice message (even if there's serious subtext). I also just wanted to make a fun polar bear mostly because I'm in Canada for most of the winter and also because of what I mentioned-- that the polar bear is a symbol for me of healing in my past after a friend gave me a spirit animal polar bear necklace when I was ill (since it's the highest healing animal). With the news and state of the world I wanted to make something happy and unexpected...

SFX + COLOR NOTES: I will make his expressions a bit more energized and his movements when digitized (I hope!) and will add a few noises as I mention--sound of boat horn and also water lapping, the fish swimming if I can find that on a free sound effects site, etc. Right now I want to keep it noiseless in the beginning to emphasize the quiet and might have him sigh or whistle but I kind of like it quiet and just visual.

There will be minimal color in the first shots to show the all white, blandness of having everything the same and his edges and shadows will ideally be a thin line of pale blue (for that frozen look and to clarify his lines) and then lots of color in the final images when he colors himself with dots and stripes to look like his fish friend...yes this is silly :)

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