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Coming to My Senses


Aside from the nuttiest technical issues I've ever experienced, I enjoyed working with Premiere Pro--though I can't say the same for my laptop which needed a break every 30 minutes or so. But finally, I am done with my short class film Con Sensus and hopefully it makes someone smile...

And so, apart from taking over 6 hours to just render, export, and upload properly, yay, I only lost a few edits in the mess...two were not dire but one was my friend reading a narration with her great Brazilian accent and sadly I lost the last piece of audio...I need to get both better equipment, more memory, and probably a specific lesson in audio editing just to get the audio where it needs to be . I also lost a bit of footage I added last minute to tie in better with the intro narration but I still like the Zen chrome train, ha, so I'm ok with that loss at this point.

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