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Maya: Design Competition

Maya version 1, 2, + 3 because I need advice, ha. There's a PDF of the large size on my main blog page.

Here is my design part of the art project for the competition [above]. I did a few versions after realizing that my first jaguar was pixelated, argh, and also to cgange the writing so it looks more like ancient writing...

Although I loved the original cat's face I found a better resolution stock photo of a snowier jaguar--it changes it but he's really beautiful (funny how the face shape changes, eyes, etc. on animals and made a huge difference in the design).

I am not done yet with the fabrication part because I first had a tech malfunction and crash so had to re--do my print but then I also need to finish the 3D half mask which will hang in front of the poster with its real healing stone eye. I also have a few more healing herbs to hang on the frame (not that kind :)) and stones that are symbolic for the healing directions of the earth.

I also want to print the design "poster" on cloth so I can hang it in place of the white fabric I have now...and weather it a bit by soaking the edge in tea so it looks more like aged cloth and can hang stretched more like a hide--just a nice alive one :)

There are a zillion layers in the poster part that are all symbolic along with a few added paint brush marks, minor lashes, subtle color, and a few effects on my friend's face photo. I also gave her a subtle animal eye to show her inner animal strength and spirit/totem animal but I didn't want to do too much there since there's a lot going on already in the bigger picture. I realized that I had a lot I would like to have drawn myself in PS but I just don't have the skills and need a lot more time to get those, ha.

Basic symbolism:

I wanted to have the woman look protected but unmasked since this is about a woman as warrior--finding her strength, protection, and healing through the sacred Mayan animal jaguar (as her spirit) and transforming into her true self. It is also symbolic for the Mayan belief in all things being connected and that if you heal yourself (with your ancestors' help) you heal the world and vice versa...hence the circular pattern and globe I created with the faces and the Mayan calendar at right. The pyramid steps leads up to its top which is behind a goddess head glowing as the third eye or intuition/instinct to heal and transform as the wings imply. The quote is a Mayan prayer for healing...Oh Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho = All Hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature...

All of the layers except 2 (a stock photo of Mayan calendar and a leopard) are from my own photographs I took in Belize, Mexico, and here:


Iron mask on wooden doors

Giant tree by volcano

Head of healing statue


Moth wings

My Brazilian friend hidden in her armor :)

2 Guardian statues

3 different South American fabric patterns

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