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The Wind CD Project

Here is my CD project. I had to add pages to allow for the 8 long lyrics and songs I chose so I took out my zen page otherwise it would have been lengthy or cramped. I used Photoshop for images and editing the stamp and logos, Indesign for the paragraph and text manipulation, Illustrator for the design set up then had to re-work a few things to fit this stubborn blog.

Again please ignore the duplicated cover page. Wix kept re-sorting and deleting my pages so my solution was to hold that space with a duplicate. Also please note that due to the sizes offered for Jpegs here I chose the smaller size to post two side by side. Obviously normally they would be larger to read lyrics (although you can read them now) but they were designed to the standard CD size (4.724).

I used my images from a few meaningful road trips to get a mix of subtle moody color, a balance of city and nature, and keep each page a bit different but still cohesive. I wanted to titles to be like a handwritten note that fades out the way the wind/traveling blows away or makes a memory fade but then my message gets stronger when I think about my friend. I have a method to my madness in terms of the images belonging to certain songs although it might seem odd--certain places evoke certain memories. I did have a bit of fun with the bar code as an inside joke to my friend since my phone doesn't work in Canada where I have been working back and forth from NY. Everyone keeps looking me up which hasn't worked and of course that info number doesn't work here but I thought it was funny...

The airplane stamp has a few inside jokes to it but being upside down and not making it to where he is or either of us finding each other again here is the main gist of the back page. I did re-use the first shot in the first two pages because it has meaning and to carry the design over but I do have a second shot I can replace it with if it's distracting. And for the record I know the people walking in the NY shot and in the Belize shot (relevant to this project) so no strangers were annoyed in the making of this CD...

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