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The Remains of the Day

I went to film the remaining nature shots today--there were a few leaves still on the trees but not the archway I had hoped for. I did have some luck with a few shots-- I tried panning around my patient actress and finding more interesting angles to take regular shots. I double checked settings for the 1080 rez and 23.98 frame rate and made sure the manual focus was on--I realized that auto focus is my default setting so that's why it kept reverting back. I over-complicate some things and forget the obvious things sometimes :).

I did a rough logging job so will have to get better at that--my notebook is looking a little scratchy, ha, but I did mark down the shots, cleared out the junk footage immediately when I got back, and saved the secondary usable stuff that might come in handy in editing since I saw a few shots that might look really nice in a few places. A few experimental over the head shots didn't work well but a few pans did so it was a good day for trying out some new camera work. I didn't have a tripod or dolly and am learning quickly how useful those two things would have been today! On my way home I almost asked tow guys if i could borrow their skateboard for a minute :)

The weather cooperated but we were limited on time so I still have the metro and crowd scenes left but I already had planned for doing those this weekend. I did try to sneak some footage in the grocery store discretely but realized probably no one there would really care--Montreal is pretty mellow--so I think I'll go back and do a few more shots since some gave me good ideas but were not exactly the way I'd like. It's hard to stop looking at everything as a shot now so I'm sure I looked insane on the metro on the way home looking at every angle and part of the subway :) I'm very lucky to have a friend in this because it is a lot more funny laughing about the props not working out or people standing in the shots when you have someone to laugh with about it. I already have quite a few shots for a blooper reel :)

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