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Shooting the Trees VR 5

Today was a great day because I finally was able to take off a day of work and do a full day of filming. The weather warmed up and was clear and perfect for a day in the mountains north west of Montreal. I went to Mont Tremblant hoping to get some fall foliage shots before the end of the season, but the cold recent cold snap killed off most of the trees though I still lucked out on some nice footage.

My actress friend was very patient with my testing and trying various angles with tons of people around photobombing us at the perfect moments!

I was exhausted after a work all-nighter and a tough week, so I was worried that I was going to have a tough time staying focused, but I think ironically, being tired helped calm my nerves and gave me more patience with the camera. I took still shots to test the light and framing of the shots and although I was working from my storyboard and shot list I was open to new ideas and found a few that will help to transition shots. I am trying to create a poetic flow of images from that contrast the harsh, loud, abrasive city elements with nature’s calmer mood so I want a faster set of transitions and sharper fast cuts within the city footage then slightly slower fades into and between the nature shots.

Production Schedule:

10/21 I shot the footage for each of the 5 section titles and the nature shots but I still need to capture the tunnel of trees since the mountain was lacking in thick enough trees and little left of the fall colors.

10/24 I am going to the local huge park here because I heard there were still leaves on the trees otherwise I will do that footage when I head to upstate NY at the end of the month. Hopefully the season will not catch up to me.

10/28-29 I am filming the final city shots next weekend in Montreal and will rent the BODE mike again. My narrator is free to do the narration.

10/30 I will be taking my editing course next week-- I still have to sign up but have had to wait for a work schedule so once I have that I can sign up. I am going to review Premiere Pro on my own first then take the class because I want to make the most of the class time.

Weeks 1-3 in November I will edit and add any footage /re shoot as necessary and add the narration, titles, and captions. I will update the schedule as changes occur with narrator or class but this is my timeline so far.

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