I have lived a few lives and am inspired by the far reaches of the globe.  I have been working as a copywriter and web designer for the past ten years and an HHP for over 25 years.  My health work & travels have deeply influenced my art and writing and vice versa. [Please see my creative healing page here]


I studied languages and creative writing as a study abroad student at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland and for three years at the University of Arizona before family illness influenced a change of heart and path. I moved to California to study health and nutrition at the School of Healing Arts and NHI in San Diego where I received my HHP license and Clinical Nutrition and CNA certifications. I returned to my creative soul in 2000, studying visual arts at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles and finishing my B.A. degree in Visual Arts through SUNY. 


After working as the Creative Director for an ad agency in Montreal, I returned to freelancing so that I could work remotely for unlimited inspiration. I am dedicated to creating beautiful work that has meaning, intention, and a strong message for the unique expression of your best self.  I am currently focused on creating books and platforms for creatives and healing artists. Please contact me for information.


I believe the body will not heal if the soul does not create what the mind envisions... 

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