I have lived a few lives and am inspired by the far reaches of the globe. I'm a freelance writer and editor,

graphic and web designer ,  and a natural health practitioner. 


Although I have been working as a copywriter and designer for the past eight years, I have also been an HHP and nutritionist for twenty years and my health work and travels have profoundly influenced my art and writing. [Please see my health work here] I studied languages and creative writing at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland and the University of Arizona; health and nutrition at the School of Healing Arts and NHI in San Diego; and visual arts at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles and at SUNY in New York. 


After working as the Creative Director for an ad agency in Montreal, I returned to freelancing so that I could work remotely for unlimited inspiration. I am dedicated to creating beautiful work that has meaning, intention, and a strong message for the unique expression of your best self.


I believe the body will not heal if the soul does not create what the mind envisions... 

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