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Dream Weekend Logo Project

I created a few variations on my idea of a clean, modern take on rustic luxury since I assumed if it were a potential client they would want a few options. I kept the colors and designs simple for branding. I wanted the logos to reflect the peaceful, natural inn, cafe, and bar as well as the surrounding area. I like the darker brown/richer version and I like the ones with images but also like the idea of a clean logo for signs and stationary and using the photo ones for postcards and promotional materials (so you dream about being on the lake, hiking, etc.) I had a few tech glitches in exporting so images aren't great but working on why. Scroll down for variations.


1. a multi purpose inn one. This HV logo says 'inn and cafe' but I thought it was good to mention the cafe right away since great food can be found in hotels but you don't know it exists without immediate mention...

2. the Acorn cafe logo is simple but you get the idea this will be an earthy, Asian inspired, casual place

3. I liked calling the bar The Oak because it gives it an air of mystery- a dark, woodsy fireplace kinda place you want to find out more about without knowing it's a bar. Also lends itself to late night eats when they get busier in season :)

Biz Cards:

PLEASE NOTE the following biz cards were designed in the standard 2x3.5 size but this website resizes and distorts the images to fit the template image options so I displayed the backside larger for better viewing since the small option here is clearly smaller than a standard biz card. Please scroll down for variations and backside of card.

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