Preliminary Logo Sketches

Here are my very preliminary sketches for the Hudson Valley Inn, Acorn Cafe, and Oak bar...I had to consolidate my pencil and ink sketches since I was on a train and only had a few sheets of paper left so there are the required 6+ sketches of the HVI on the 2nd page and my HVI choice on the 1st page along with the cafe/restaurant and bar logos...I feel like I have a ton of work to do on this so these are just roughs but I can visualize the digital version I'm after...

I want a modern, clean but rustic look that hints at nature and hiking with a single small line/symbol of an embossed leaf on a wooden board with corner studs/bolts in them. I started with, but discarded, the idea of the script of quaint inns that people see a lot and although I fully understand that is the draw for many (the quaintness), I would like to create something that looks quietly expensive, understated, and elegantly rustic since that area is that--very expensive and rustic :)

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