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Artist's Statement

As is my life, my art is a work in progress, and while I aspire to inspire I am still learning my crafts and finding my creative voice. I am nomadic and my travels and projects reflect that need for change and differing vantage points.

My art is inspired by nomadic tribes, alternative health, the balance between nature and technology, and our connection to the earth. I have two careers--one in writing and advertising design and the other as a health practitioner-- and the two lives inspire my artwork and its intention.

In the fine arts, I have been creating a series of eco art based on native and Eastern healing practices mixing charcoal drawings and paintings with found natural and recycled elements (wood, stone, feathers, husks, leaves, tea bags, egg shells, bicycle gears). In the digital realm, I have learned basic and work oriented Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and tools for digital storytelling. Beyond my current use of digital media in my advertising job, I am hoping to learn advanced skills to create digital canvases of a 'steampunk meets nature' style to combine with my photography and videos and dive into dream worlds I have imagined for years.

Ideally, I can become a serious and professional artist where I am confident that I have learned-- and am learning-- enough to create what I envision and my imagination isn't limited by lack of skills. I am humbled by the artists who have committed a lifetime to creating meaningful art with expert technique and whose voices are strong and unwavering in their work. I hope to someday inspire people to care about nature and our fragile connections to the earth and ourselves...but for now I'm living in the reality that I have much more to learn and more to see with beginner's eyes before I am an artist.

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