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Creative Wellness

The Anasazi believed the sun was the great healer and I have created a healing wellness piece using the base of a sand mandala and the Anasazi symbol for the sun with the green vibrant plant life symbolizing the earth's most healing plants-trees.

The stones are the healing earth stones forming the symbol and crossing over the 4 healing Bodhi leaves (very faint since they are the skeletal forms of the plants). The center stone is a more golden color kidney shaped stone to represent both the kidney which in Chinese medicine is the organ of fear and weak kidneys means weak blood and ill health. I wanted the kidney here to be supported in its bed of shells, strong. The 'kidney stone' also represents half of the Yin Yang--if you only have the one element you are out of balance and that imbalance creates illness and dis-ease of mind and body.

The leaves have healing teas on them and herbs scattered throughout next to the orange peels representing the healing fruits and sun.

The acorn is a symbol of new life and growth and the acorn rose in the corner is cushioned by the almost baby like hair/fur representing the animals of the earth just as the bead band above symbolizes the snake which is used in the common symbol for medicine and healing ceremonies.

The whole mandala is bordered with wood and the softest plants to show the comfort and warmth of healing and the bottom tea pale pink tea bags form a a pale pink rose for healing. Sage is once again in the left corner to help cleanse the whole. Finally I sprinkled Lavender salts and healing herbs across the center so the work actually heals by scent as well as adds more healing properties.

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