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work in progress: selfie 2

This project is about what I have learned in the process of learning--what I believe digital storytelling needs not necessarily what I have achieved here, obviously. I have many skills I need to learn and equipment to buy but I've learned what is necessary to create visual interest (at least for me) and how if any element from sound to light is ignored the eye will wander and the mind will follow.


the snowy roads of Montreal and Mont Tremblant


Sometimes what you plan to learn isn't what you expected...

I've learned that I am drawn to the shadows. Finding the balance of soft and hard visuals.

I've learned that light is the paint in a digital canvas. You need the balance of light and dark to keep the eye's interest.

And sometimes the focus is me and sometimes I am just that shadow.

[I would rather not be shown everything and have to see and look]

I've learned that color and change in focus adds texture and interest.

And a balance of still and moving images adds a certain tension.

And mostly I've learned that visuals are what creatively feed me.

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