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working the metal

After creating eco projects with materials from nature I wanted to find more from the raw elements of the city landscape-- where man fights nature and fights to stay healthy in his manufactured world. I love all metals but have no skills in working with metal so my first step was to find inspiration from artists who can weld bolts into art.

One look at the steampunk animals created by Iranian artist Hasan Novrozi and I was mesmerized. I had already collected bike parts to work with my next project but was humbled by Novrozi's skill in transforming rough, harsh scrap metal into magnificent, powerful beasts. Please see Novrozi's page to see more of his work:

Side note: I noticed in my posts I have unintentionally created a theme of finding gorgeous sculptures of horses. I do love horses but have never thought of them as common in sculpture or art until now when I realize that there is a majesty and beauty that any material can bring to life and vice versa--the horse figure can bring to life any material.

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