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earth medicine

I was inspired to create environmental art in its purest sense by researching eco artists around the world who create art that evaporates or decomposes-- back to nature, back to its origins. I had worked with natural materials previously but I used bolts and screen, glues and twine, and in this I wanted something borne of the earth that returns to it without additives so to speak.

The destruction of earth and declining health of its inhabitants are endless topics. We all know what needs to be done for the health of our planet and the health of our selves but we are a damaged and damaging species and we do not learn lessons well.

I wanted to create a piece that represents the decay of the earth but shows its healing properties as well. The closer we stay to the earth the healthier we become. We are a part of the planet--a part of her health & from her womb-- to either live or die in her and help, or destroy her, as we grow.

Project Details:

I used branches and bark from 4 different trees to symbolize the 4 directions of the earth and their connection as parts of the world connects. I used a myriad of leaves for the obvious sense of different races and species that inhabit a dying earth. There are 4 objects that represent what embodies the earth (food, animals, the core of the earth and the plants lining it) and many healing properties (medicinal teas, herbs & woods).

The off center of the earth as it shifts and moves and is unbalanced shows a womb made of a milkweed pod, a nest of wrapped branch and hair, the symbolic acorn or birth of ideas and nature, & a healing amethyst sprinkled with healing herbs.

Four pieces of sage mark the 4 directions and 4 elements to aid the earth in detoxifying and healing itself of all the negative destruction of its past. The smaller wood piece on the top is used for cleansing and the piece of ginger is symbolic of the need to heal the core of the earth--the belly and emotions dwelling there that also affect every human's health. The branch that cradles the squash represents nature as provider and a corn husk wrapped on its middle also reminds us where our food comes from.

In allopathic and holistic medicine health and illness start with the core, the stomach, the belly. As with all creatures & nature too much fire, disruption, heat, anger, and we destroy ourselves and the earth erupts. The symbol for the human connection to the earth is in the plant hairs and hair in the nest. When we forget or lose our connection to nature our health suffers and so does we mistreat ourselves, we tend to mistreat nature as well.

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