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the mythmaker

In this short film I am honoring the inspiring and powerful artwork of Janet Culbertson who has been painting her message on behalf of the Earth for decades. She speaks volumes of all that is wild and lost to man...

Her work deserves more than this short compilation of a fraction of her work so please visit her website. I tried to let her art speak for itself as only it can.

Setting: Shelter Island, NY at the artist's home studio and on the beach

Script: The Mythmaker

Eco + Feminist Artist Janet Culbertson

Culbertson created a personal mythology and hero committed to nature in Mythmaker.

Her travels to the Galapagos inspired her gorgeous series of animal drawings...

The peaceful waters near her home on Shelter Island, New York became a primary focus of her landscape paintings.

As her committment to the environment grew so did the intensity of her work. Her feelings and message are clear in her Industrial Park series...

The Billboard Series further examines the grotesque human disconnect to and destruction of the Earth...

When will we evolve? When will we change?

[created by vanessa king. Sountrack by DR]

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