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Art Healing 1

[Please forgive the images--I have a new camera but no cord to download images so I used my cell phone which did a poor job of showing the colors and doesn't focus well in certain light. I will post new images as soon as I get the cord.]


(mixed media: wood, leave, oil on cloth, burlap, wire, dipped feathers, rope, thread, batik cloth, rafia. 36x24)

This is the first of the series of healing art wall hangings. It is based on Tibetan and Native American healing with 3 sections and 4 parts.

I created this piece as a healing for people who suffered illness or trauma at birth or suffered from miscarriages or still births of their own. The idea that you need that layer/part of yourself to heal, be hugged again, cradled in the womb in a real and larger sense. The media is a range of scratchy, hard, soft, bristly, delicate, rough and smooth just as emotions and how we feel our way through the world. Please note I did not incorporate a photo in the piece as I felt it took away from its I will utilize the photo portion by creating a digital booklet for the series.

Layer 1 (back layer) This is symbolic of water and the turbulence of birth and healing that stage in one's life. I wanted to be healing and positive so I chose a cobalt blue and the concept of waters--the original water of the womb represented here with a zen circle painted on the rough, multi directional water symbolic of all that we endure in life. There are hints of fingerprints but I wanted it to be subtle. There is actually a backdrop of burlap cloth but in front is the cloth I painted the zen circle which is the open circle encompassing life.

The burlap cloth is recycled from a rice bag and I created a pocket for the 4 Indian balls made from tree bark that I found. The 4 are symbolic of the 4 directions, elements, and 4 stages of healing you must go through from healing the body, mind, heart, and soul. I thought that these could also serve to be a meditation device of something to hold when stressed about healing. The blue feathers are also to remind us that we are animals and connected to the elements and all creatures to heal.

The second layer covers the first but would be removed for the ceremony for healing the womb/uterus, past trauma related to birth or giving birth. This layer is the wreath of leaves and 3 sage sticks to burn as a whole after using the sage to clear the 4 directions and the body of past illness and suffering. The wreath is made of leaves sewn onto a wood frame and can be put into a fire ring for the ceremony to burn the past.

The front circle is a nest of white feathers with 4 blue for the directions, elements. and stages of healing and helps form the protection of the nest which also houses a crystal (tough to see in the images). This hanging piece can be used as a dreamcatcher to catch nightmares and purify them with the crystal. Instead of the normal net the nest can hold onto the dreams, purify, and transform them through the crystal. This layer would stay where it is and be encircled by the zen circle which is seen once the 2nd layer is gone. It then has a calming blue and white peaceful water energy. The small wood carving is of a fish symbolic of the journey in the water and also of a spiritual healing connection (for some Jesus, for me symbolic of water totem animals who can help you heal the inner and outer waters of the body and earth.

Rose Quartz Necklace: please see the necklace that accompanies this piece at the bottom. The 2nd bead is a hand rolled written prayer (written on a dried rose tea bag) for healing the womb, reproductive organs, and fertility. It also is about healing and attracting love. There are beads for love and also with the rose symbol for fertility and healing the heart. I used the rougher carved wood beads and smooth polished rose quartz to have the balance of soft and hard to the touch and the number of beads as 6 on each side and 8 total for luck.

Rose Quartz healing necklace

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