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An Artist's Weekend/ Shelter Island

This is a short video to honor the island and her painters who speak from their heart and use the spirit and moods of a place, their home, to create meaningful environmental and social art long after the pretty pictures have been drawn...

Hi co students, here is my final project 1 edits and a few issues I am aware of that you will notice when you review it. As Murphy continues in my fourth house of creativity (ha) please note when I compressed the video for transfer to Youtube it created a couple of glitches/slight transition day I hope to have better editing equipment and the skills of course to use said equipment :).

Also as I noted on Moodle my audio mike died on my laptop so I started from scratch with audio and did away with a bit of narration (which I prefer) but I still had the taped interviews where the audio is decent. And please note that the lovely young 85 year old artist Janet Culbertson's voice is as loud as it ever gets in life and being recorded so listen to it on high :)

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