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The purpose of this website and blog is for the writer and artist Vanessa King, me, to present my original work and feature other artists I find inspiring on a public blog. All content has been created by Vanessa King unless otherwise noted.

photo from my Vancouver series

Copyright Notice:

All original work on this site is owned by Vanessa King. Any references to my work or excerpts taken must be attributed to me and must provide a hyperlink to my website. Please contact me for permission to republish my writing or artwork.

The Works of Others:

We are all influenced by the work of others and as such I will acknowledge any and all influences in my own work to the original artist whether I am moved by a film to draw or a painting to write.

I am honored to admire and discuss great works of art and literature so I will respectfully credit all artists and writers whenever possible and I will not post work that is not in the public domain or without consent from the artist or author. I will also not alter any images or writing without the author’s consent

Privacy Policy:

This website and blog are hosted on, and my privacy policy regarding computer cookies is governed by the privacy policy.

Blog Commenting:

I have created this site and blog to honor the artists in all of us who are trying to add meaningful works of art and fiction to the world so please respectfully review and visit my blog and comment constructively. Please refrain from profanity and racist, sexist or other disrespectful comments. I reserve the right to delete any disrespectful or seemingly harmful comments about my work or the work of others I have posted. Please provide your name and email when posting comments and contact me directly with any issues or questions.

Stay inspired to wonder & wander!


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