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I've been there...I know exactly how it feels & what it takes to get back in gear mentally & physically

Check the questions below. Anything sound familiar? If so let's talk, I've got your back :). I've been there and I can help.


       Are you a creative person who just can't seem to start or finish your novel, memoir, painting, website,  ___________?

      Do you have a vision for your business, book, or project but you need real help getting it done?


      Do you put everyone and everything else first? Are you used to not making your art (your soul) a priority? 


      Do you need caring and motivating support from a positive, reliable, effective creative?

      Are you having trouble focusing or finding energy to do projects? 


      Are health issues stopping you from doing your best work?

      Are you unsure where you are blocked?


      Do you feel like your mind and body are at odds?


      Need help getting your creative fire back?

If any of the above resonates with you email me today and take advantage of a Free Trial Session to see if I can help you get back on track. I'll give you my Top Ways to Feel Better Fast and I'll do a powerful guided meditation so you have energy to get rolling on your dreams. Let me be your guide to getting back your creative fire...

I have worked as a writer and Holistic Health Practitioner for over 25 years and I have worked as a graphic and web designer for 10. After years of facing my own really nasty inner critic and working with clients in both worlds, I realized that we all need help uncovering our beliefs and blocks that stop us from creating. 


We also need fast, effective tools for better health and habits to unlock our bodies and minds. Most of my clients were burned out, stressed out, with neglected health issues, problems focusing, or even enjoying their work. Worst of all, they couldn't see the whole picture or find the root causes or solutions. I know how it feels. I've burned out and stressed myself to the point of not getting anything done. 

I care because I've been there and know your struggle!  


I use an effective, organized, personalized, enjoyable holistic approach that helps heal mind and body to get you the focus, energy and clarity you want and need to start creating your vision or living a creative life in a balanced and healthy way. And I give you the help to get it done. Real solutions and real results.

Email me for more information on how you can enjoy 2022 renewed and rejuvenated with clarity and purpose!


Contact me to take advantage of my Fall sale: 50% off the 4 week intensive, effective, and fun mind/body program:

THE CREATIVE HEALING MAP  -- now only $750 [reg $1500]! I work with you to get your projects done and your mind and body in alignment. Feel amazing as you dive into 2020! 

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