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Black Stone Gold  [Letters to Neptune]

I wish you all the compass can bear, all the sea can muster. Sun across a grey sky. A long wave for your short board. A short story for your long memory. Laughter that fills the bellies of the wildest beasts. A smile to unhinge you. I wrote before on pixelated walls and so it ends as it began: I give up. Give in. Our clever brains or obstinate souls have some other worldly magnetic attraction that defies human sabotage. We know how to find each other, what buttons to push. Imagine that super collision of energy in one place. The great spin. You haven't played fair but I forgive you because no one matches my mind and heart the way you do so whatever we are, whoever, wherever, we are connected...

When you're ready I'll hear you out. Pull on those great shoulders gently so they release and tangle with my arms. Then maybe we can rest side by side, curled in, without the push- pull for a few days, weeks, years. I'm exhausted from the miles of tension and need those hands in mine. I remember those hands - pointing out places we would never go, where I should move. Cut me to the core without knowing. And still I miss them, their movements. Drawing the edges of a secret world I've never known. 


Dance with your Nordic yin again. The apathetic gods have willed it for their sport and the fates have tired of our stubbornness. My siren's song has been lost in the shadows and shallows but a corner of my heart - dusty and disheveled - is still reserved for you...haunted by your sea-eyed stare. Athena's task, now revised for a clean slate and a new year, unveiled. 

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